New proposal in Albany could start ‘textalyzer’ era

Car accidents have been on the decline for 16 years, but now trends are beginning to reverse. Legislators and advocates blame distracted driving, which often goes uninvestigated without driver admission or a witness. The Legislative Gazette’s Katie Carroll reports on a proposed bill in New York that could change that. “Evan’s law,” named after 19-year-old... Continue Reading →

News Package: Antibiotic Resistance

Research into the global threat of antibiotic resistance to pathogens and illness, as well as natural remedies to combat the growing problem in the future. By Katherine Carroll at University of Technology, Sydney Australia.  

Indigenous Literacy Day

A book swap for the Indigenous Literacy fund as well as celebrity guest speakers were just some of the festivities at Indigenous Literacy day, Sept. 1st 2015 at the Sydney Opera House.  

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